Time travel in Spanish!

Netflix will soon open their first European production hub in Spain, dedicated to producing original content. The current Spanish-language options – the ones found on Netflix UK – are pretty limited, although some are big hits. These include the heist show Casa de Papel (Money Heist), about a bank robbery going wrong, as well as the syrupy-sweet period drama Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls), about 1920s telephone operators. I … Continue reading Time travel in Spanish!

6 Podcasts for Language Nerds

Coffee Break Languages A well-established series covering major European languages as well as Chinese. The format puts a learner alongside the teacher and concentrates on useful phrases as well as speaking confidence and key grammar points. Great stuff. The Fluent Show The German presenter Kerstin, based in Britain, has interesting guests from the world of languages to get the perspectives of both teachers and students. … Continue reading 6 Podcasts for Language Nerds

8 apps for language learning irl

Here are the apps I use all the time for German and Spanish: The Dictionary Linguee is multilingual and lets you download whole dictionaries – more informative than simple translation The Translator Google Translate is always useful for speed and translating simple phrases (and getting better all the time, as long as you have the editing skills to correct the results) The Conversation iTalki gives … Continue reading 8 apps for language learning irl