When the Wall Came Down: Part 5

How is the reunification remembered in Germany? Here’s 5 terms to tell us more… Der Mauerfall “The fall of the Berlin Wall” sounds clumsy compared to Der Mauerfall, literally, the wall-fall. In Germany, there is only one thing you could be talking about – year zero of modern Germany. Die Wende One of my earliest posts was about this word, which is used to talk … Continue reading When the Wall Came Down: Part 5

A War By Two Names – Podcast Recommendations

Have you heard of the Falkland Islands? Or Las Malvinas? I am British and my awareness of this tiny territory next to Argentina has always been minimal. Among millenials – people I know – very little is known about the 1982 conflict, and the name ‘las Malvinas’ is known even less. In doing a little research, I found this video from The Guardian newspaper explaining … Continue reading A War By Two Names – Podcast Recommendations

What Makes a Flu Spanish?

This month’s centenary of WWI has put the conflict back in focus. But what about the greater disaster which started in 1918? In the UK, the mythology of the war has a long development which has slowly expanded to include discussions about trauma, conscientious objection, and the racist attitudes of various sides. (See the November 13th episode of podcast The Europeans for some introductory information … Continue reading What Makes a Flu Spanish?

A German Word from History (No.3)

The previous post in this little series was a word from German history but this week I’m picking something from Austria: Psychoanalyse (f.) This is Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis and a bloody hard word to pronounce. (Something like “puh-soo-show-anna-loser”, but quickly). In researching these German words my starting point is my own knowledge of German history, which in school was focused on 1933-1945, and then … Continue reading A German Word from History (No.3)