When the Wall Came Down: Part 5

How is the reunification remembered in Germany? Here’s 5 terms to tell us more… Der Mauerfall “The fall of the Berlin Wall” sounds clumsy compared to Der Mauerfall, literally, the wall-fall. In Germany, there is only one thing you could be talking about – year zero of modern Germany. Die Wende One of my earliest posts was about this word, which is used to talk … Continue reading When the Wall Came Down: Part 5

What’s Wrong With “Nice”?

Do you find yourself using the same adjectives over and over again? Even when I’m speaking English, I find myself describing experiences as “good”, “nice”, “really good” or “okay” and feeling like a stuck record. Is it a problem for language learners? I can feel like a bit of an idiot if I describe everything in Spanish as “bueno” or “interesante”, but how much does … Continue reading What’s Wrong With “Nice”?

Language Shortcuts: Foreign Words for Busy People

English is fabulous, but it doesn’t have a word for everything. Some concepts can be expressed better, or at least faster, in another language.Here’s some shortcuts and curiosities from French, German, Spanish and Swedish: Y’allIn English, if you want to talk informally to a bunch of people at once, how can you address them? You’ve got “you”, or maybe “you guys” or maybe “y’all” (accent … Continue reading Language Shortcuts: Foreign Words for Busy People