When the Wall Came Down: Part 5

How is the reunification remembered in Germany? Here’s 5 terms to tell us more… Der Mauerfall “The fall of the Berlin Wall” sounds clumsy compared to Der Mauerfall, literally, the wall-fall. In Germany, there is only one thing you could be talking about – year zero of modern Germany. Die Wende One of my earliest posts was about this word, which is used to talk … Continue reading When the Wall Came Down: Part 5

Speaking a Language on Vacation – Just Let Me Practice!

The dark truth is this: your vacation is probably not the best way to get language practice. Usually. If you travel alone to rural areas of South America, you will probably get the opportunity to speak a lot. If you go with friends to Spain, you’ll be speaking English with your group and most locals you meet will speak English with you as well. What … Continue reading Speaking a Language on Vacation – Just Let Me Practice!

What’s Wrong With “Nice”?

Do you find yourself using the same adjectives over and over again? Even when I’m speaking English, I find myself describing experiences as “good”, “nice”, “really good” or “okay” and feeling like a stuck record. Is it a problem for language learners? I can feel like a bit of an idiot if I describe everything in Spanish as “bueno” or “interesante”, but how much does … Continue reading What’s Wrong With “Nice”?

British Accents Training

Can you tell different British accents apart? Train your listening skills and dive into British culture with these TV shows… Are some accents easier to understand than others, or is it just about exposure? The UK, like most countries, has a history of favouring one accent over all others. When BBC radio started in the 1920s, newsreaders thought it was their duty to sound like … Continue reading British Accents Training