Weltschmerz – World-pain

How do you get your news?

I skim the online news but I spend most of my reading time on Twitter, looking at dumb jokes, gifs and other liberals in my bubble despairing. It is like putting my head in the sand while checking the headlines through a periscope and flicking through a joke book.

When I look at the news, the reactions on twitter and the monologues of late night hosts, I think of the German word Weltschmerz. It’s like a diagnosis for the feeling people get from all the accumulation of terrible events.

The original meaning was more literary and philosophical, but my personal definition of “reasons to feel depressed” feels accurate.

You are privileged if Weltschmerz is your main problem, if you are concerned about events which affect others more than yourself. But it’s good to feel mad and sad and remind yourself why you feel this way, and ask yourself what you can do to change it.