Who or what do you practice your languages on? I now share a flat with a cat (belonging to flat mate) who doesn’t care what you say to him, even if it’s crappy Spanish.

I had a moment of self-examination this evening when I came home, and the cat was right there (I will protect his privacy by withholding his name), and I said to him “warten Sie mal!” – ie formal, respectful address.

On the one hand, the German I use for my job is mostly formal, so it makes sense that it would come to my mind first.

On the other hand, I’m talking to the cat like he’s a client or colleague.

Perhaps he is just deserving of our respect.

Word of the Week | güey

I’m a couple of episodes into the new Netflix society show Made in Mexico, and have learned güey, which means “dude” – but only if you’re in Mexico.