Image: AFP

Argentinian senators have voted against a law allowing abortion rights. Despite this defeat, pro-choice campaigners remain positive – the driving group behind the movement is Ni una menos, or ‘not one [woman] less’. Their rallying cry has been on my mind since yesterday:

¡Se cuidan, se cuidan los machistas. América Latina va a ser toda feminista!

Latin America will be feminist.

For more insight into changing attitudes in Argentina’s media, this is an NPR piece which explores how a historically misogynistic talk show entered into the debate.

I have found through learning German, and over the last couple of years of Spanish, that these languages lead you quite naturally to learning more about current affairs and global events through the lens of another country. My German classes actually coincided with the peak of the refugee crisis and Merkel’s decision to accept refugees regardless of which EU country they came through (famously saying wir schaffen das – we can do it, we can make it happen).

I would be interested to know what other people have learned from following the news in their target language. Children will pick up the same vocabulary at the same speed, but the acquisition of adult learners can also feed off and be influenced by current affairs.