Ideas to up your Beginner-Intermediate language talents

  • Write a mini diary on your phone, a couple of sentences about your day – maybe during your commute. Writing is the hardest skill for most people and doing it in small doses really helps (particularly when practicing useful verbs in the past tense).
  • Read a kids book in translation (Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen, anyone?). I mostly read on Kindle but found it super beneficial to get a hard copy so I could underline vocab.
  • Watch a foreign series with subtitles only in the target language – I’ll be honest, it works best with corny/cliche shows because it’s easier to fill in the gaps. Don’t try it with a complex drama (will leave you a bit baffled).
  • Chat with any friends or colleagues you can find who speak your target language. Yes, even if you feel a bit silly.