Try these Language Challenges

Ideas to up your Beginner-Intermediate language talents

  • Write a mini diary on your phone, a couple of sentences about your day – maybe during your commute. Writing is the hardest skill for most people and doing it in small doses really helps (particularly when practicing useful verbs in the past tense).
  • Read a kids book in translation (Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen, anyone?). I mostly read on Kindle but found it super beneficial to get a hard copy so I could underline vocab.
  • Watch a foreign series with subtitles only in the target language – I’ll be honest, it works best with corny/cliche shows because it’s easier to fill in the gaps. Don’t try it with a complex drama (will leave you a bit baffled).
  • Chat with any friends or colleagues you can find who speak your target language. Yes, even if you feel a bit silly.

2 thoughts on “Try these Language Challenges

  1. Ich kann nicht zu lesen Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen warten! Es ist ein bisschen schwer zu lesen jetzt, aber ich versuche! Ich kann nur etwas Sätze lesen. Dieser Ratschlag ist hilfreich! Danke!

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