Here are the apps I use all the time for German and Spanish:

  • The Dictionary Linguee is multilingual and lets you download whole dictionaries – more informative than simple translation
  • The Translator Google Translate is always useful for speed and translating simple phrases (and getting better all the time, as long as you have the editing skills to correct the results)
  • The Conversation iTalki gives you free access to other language learners from around the world – and has the option of paying for a Skype tutor (inexpensive and reliable)
  • The Classroom Babbel is one of the paid subscription courses which is helpfully structured (including grammar sessions) and provides a quality which is hard to find for free.
  • The Conjugator Conjugador has complete conjugation lists for every Spanish verb – the most reliable way to clear up tense confusion. Find one for your language!
  • The Flashcards Memrise is all about memorisation. For free you can choose your language, your level, and work your way through the vocab. It reminds you of the words you need to revise (often at first, and then less frequently) and keeps track of your ‘streak’. The vocabulary is focused on every day language, and provides audio and video examples from native speakers.
  • The Classic Duolingo offers quite random vocabulary but they understand gameified learning and its appeal – brings many people back to languages or introduces them to new ones.
  • The Audio Podcasts offer a mixture of real conversation and shows targeted specifically at learners, and are perfect for your listening practice.